Brandon Branch

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Life Finds Its Way
2 months ago
No matter who you are, or where you're from. You can't deny the beauty and complexity of mother nature. In the end life finds its way. From the immeasurable diversity of life on earth. To the biomes a...
3 months ago
It comes when least expected. Like a sniper perched atop their vantage point. You never see it coming until it's too late. Until you hear the shot and the deed is done. It takes little effort to ignit...
How Much I Can Bear
3 months ago
My mind is fogged and clouded. I try to see what the picture is. But it's all just a blur. My heart can't bear the pain that it inflicts onto my withered flesh. My very being in this world feels... Bl...
Everyday Struggle
a year ago
All these squares. And I have yet to find a circle... All these lines. And yet I see no image... All the emotions you can feel. And yet... I feel nothing... Sometimes, life becomes blank. Uncertain. A...
The Sun
a year ago
To the one with no origin nor an end created the universe. The beauty HE makes is second to no artist. But what's a system without life? Or a life sustainer, perhaps? The sun is always glowing, beatin...
a year ago
This beautiful planet that's near yet far. Goes by the name of Mars. So beautiful and spectacular you cannot help but gaze. The bright red glow will leave any man, woman, and child a daze. You would t...