Blaise Terese

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Rooted Bulb Electric
a month ago
beacon blushed with bunny foot lucky fast the flight was put sprightly switch back to centered gray since Autumn's night had been away Breadth healed from figurative to literal Traveled by inquiry not...
Eye Love (Eye Watch, Eye Listen )
4 months ago
romance lends a Reassurance ever so commonly that what antonyms Narcissus noted its own adequacy for entitlement is lost when prerogatives that Frost bears the dualistic cross which covers anathemas w...
Don't Cry Over Spilled Shut Eye
4 months ago
we hold him when he Sleeps despite there is not rest esophagus don't make a peep I was reading of bird's nests Too, I reread the Ciphers too, the puzzle pieces four sow their pickings as all for to gr...
Flowers on Monroe Dr
4 months ago
Last’s night’s mascara on this morning undereyes Looking while straightening your polka dot tie. Orange blossoms set upon auburn hairs, Pearl pebbles trickle from petals parted in pairs. Bougainvillea...
The Personification of Anachronism
4 months ago
I met a Wraith in mid-day's safe who told me I was wonderful he rode a bike of phosphorous type in Lands of plentiful If my sole aid can help a soul from this world fade I'll be so bold - for crusts a...
The Uninvited
4 months ago
Is sepulchral evolved anatomy buried in the depths of me? Is empty fashioned cavity and damned from all Divinity? Zelda gave advice to me await your wonders quietly a passive win of power play be the ...