Billie Jo Priestley

I am a mum of 5 children and I have published children's stories and erotica and write a lot of poetry.

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Forgotten Fossil
2 months ago
Laying on the ground, passers walking by, not even a sound. The world is so quiet, like there is nothing making a sound, the world muted. Eyes watching, the feet pass by, the hurried walking to get to...
The Real Me
2 months ago
I see you stood there, smiling from ear to ear, feeling happy in your own skin. I wonder why I don't feel like that, why my mind tells me I am repulsive. The thoughts telling me, I am not in the right...
Blocked out Memory
2 months ago
It was meant to be a fun night. With happiness and cheer I don't remember happiness. I don't remember cheer. I remember being on the floor Outside in the cold. Tears streaming down my face and body sh...
Running Away
2 months ago
You acted too quick and didn't wait. He screamed and cried and you took it the wrong way. You shouted at me asking what I did. Before grabbing a hammer and chasing me. I ran for my life tears streamin...
Disgrace and an Ugly Face
3 months ago
Disgrace and an ugly face The truth that you think Looking me in the face. We try to hide it You call us names We run away hoping to be safe Nasty and evil A work of the devil they say because we don'...
A Child Thrown Away
3 months ago
I feel awful, like a piece of trash, thrown in the street fed up of at last. I did nothing wrong, I was just stood there, helping a little girl get on her outerwear. You shouted and screamed, you push...