Billie Jo Priestley

I am a mum of 5 children and I have published children's stories and erotica and write a lot of poetry.

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A Child Thrown Away
5 days ago
I feel awful, like a piece of trash, thrown in the street fed up of at last. I did nothing wrong, I was just stood there, helping a little girl get on her outerwear. You shouted and screamed, you push...
Screams Inside a Child's Head
6 days ago
I look at you and screams begin to cry why do they have to die? I look around for some help, but no one cares they just pretend. The screams get louder and louder I look around for them, but they are ...
Just Screams and Never Silent
6 days ago
It is too loud I cannot hide. Under my quilt I try to survive, when will it stop will anyone notice. I am here crying, scared, and lonely. Every night the same thing, I sit here shaking asking why me?...
Silenced by Fear
6 days ago
I sit quiet as she asks me questions, how can I answer, when you will take me? My family may not be perfect, but it is my family, they may not make me happy but they love me. You ask me how home life ...
Outsider Looking In
2 months ago
On the outside looking in thinking where do I fit in? Life out here is lonely it isn't welcoming. I tried to fit in, I tried to conform to your ways. Tried to drink and party to be invited to stay. Ev...
Locked in a Black Hole
3 months ago
copyrighted by billiejo priestley It feels like glue every time I pull away it springs me back Why does this hold never loosen or break it's like the ultimate glue Those words hurt they slowly killed ...