Billie Jo Priestley

I am a mum of 5 children and I have published children's stories and erotica and write a lot of poetry.

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Broken Betrayal
4 months ago
He pulled me apart Ripping me to shreds watching me in pain He told me that I am broken He fooled me once and I forgave him He left me with a broken heart He fooled me twice and I forgave him His acti...
Destroyed Soul
4 months ago
Scoop me up and take me away, run and don't let me stay A path of destruction left behind me, fires, fights and painful souls Take me away, and run so fast, I don't want to see the devastation left on...
Bad Love
4 months ago
Tiny and broke, wide eyes looking out The bad love present as I sit down Fluttering heart ready to fly away Soul in hiding, not wanting to stay So tiny and small, so broken and weak You are sat lookin...
Opened Bottle
4 months ago
Half empty bottle and a cigarette I slur my words, my legs unable to go forward Body swaying from side to side I start to shout throwing my hands about Hitting and kicking throwing everything I pass o...
Stupid Girl
4 months ago
Sitting and listening, the words spreading You come at me from every angle You are worthless, you are weak, you are not worth the air that you breathe You shouldn't still be breathing. Stupid girl jus...
Forgotten Fossil
8 months ago
Laying on the ground, passers walking by, not even a sound. The world is so quiet, like there is nothing making a sound, the world muted. Eyes watching, the feet pass by, the hurried walking to get to...