Bianca Wargo

artist, writer, photographer, & entrepreneur

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Panic Attack
4 days ago
My stomach feels queasy, My life seems uneasy, But only for a moment. Only for a moment before my breath gets shorter, that is. My teeth feel numb, And so do my thumbs. I know exactly what this is And...
A Contemporary Scarlet Letter
8 days ago
A joke. That’s all it seems to be To them. I am a different soul A different case, a different… A word. That’s all it is To them. I am a different soul A different case, a different… A mistake. That’s...
Flash Back
17 days ago
I flash back to that night Often. Too often. In some ways, I wish that I’d gone to the cops. In others, I want you to live this Seemingly happy And perfect life, Knowing and living with what you did. ...
It Scares Me
17 days ago
There are good things happening. Lately, life has been treating me well By giving me you. I’m not sure though, how My truth Will sit in your mind. It scares me that you won’t know How to react when I ...
Thanks to You
20 days ago
Because of you I was always scared just to express myself In any sort of art In front of any sort of person. You tore those pages from my book, A deep, dark, and personal part Of my life, But not befo...
22 days ago
I'm worried About everything, Almost all the time. I'm sure someone can relate to that, Right? Consciously I know that everything is ok... For now. I don't know what from my past will come and ruin th...