Bianca Beauford

Im not always sure who I am or what I stand for if you're 100% about either there's no room to evolve.Growth is some powerful mission is to help a few people trudge through the mud. I want to inspire someone to inspire someone else.  

My Home Is Like the Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat
10 days ago
I fall in love with lyrics easier than I do with people Everything I've ever wanted lives inside of a song I can pour out my soul as I sing a song but I can't give that much depth to a person My best ...
Oops I Said That Out Loud
14 days ago
I wonder if anybody knows what it feels like to be completely exhausted and not be able to sleep So many people surround me but nobody ever speaks Silence is golden until you've got so much to say Cra...
Let It Begin with Me
14 days ago
Let me be an example in the chaos Let me be a voice in the silence Let me be a light in the darkness Let me be wisdom in the confusion Let me be depth in the wading Let me be strength in the weakness ...