Bethany C

Just a university student trying to make sense of my thoughts.

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Bumper Cars
16 days ago
We are two bumper cars the closer we get the further I feel myself being pushed away. And the waxing and waning of this ride is becoming more bumpy each time around. I truly believed that this time wo...
The Dark Room
a month ago
I sit alone in a dark room Empty except for the candles Faintly illuminating the space with their candlelight. The room used to be much brighter But as I pushed everyone away One by one The candles be...
2 months ago
I hate you but I need you. Though I wish that I didn't. I wish more than anything that I wanted you less. I've tried to create distance in our relationship. Though every time I go to leave you pull me...
2 months ago
Frozen under the streetlamp I stand though it is not the cold causing me to shiver. The street abandoned and the night dark. Most have already settled in for the night. The overcast has hidden the sta...
3 months ago
I’m suffocating under the weight of this crushing emptiness that I feel caressing my fractured soul. What can I do to finally be free of this horrid hell? With each breath I feel myself slowly fade aw...
Three, Two, One
3 months ago
Three things you see. I see the failure I have become, represented in the textbooks I have failed to open in months. I see the hopes and dreams held since I was a child slowly seem more and more out o...