Bethany Ashlyn

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Searching for Kindness
6 months ago
It is a challenging thing these days To find love in the small things When all we see is hate fill our screens Strangers spouting off on the internet maze Accepting others seems difficult to find When...
The Importance of Words
6 months ago
Your words have a heaviness in this world They can lift the spirits of millions Or demolish a life with a fragmented sentence They can burn through all the evils Or create evils that never existed The...
10 months ago
As the sweet pink flesh lifts into a smile With eyes filled with gloomy determination She soars through the air as if in exile The bodies look up in awing admiration She awakes. Cries of a newborn fil...
a year ago
A match in the dark dreary room ignites Letting off a beautiful siren of light I cannot fathom the world around me But within this light I feel as if I can see Falling and spiraling My mind starts to ...
The Path
a year ago
A flat surface with one pathway to the destination Where it ended was the ultimate question not answered A journey that seemed simple and decisive Where everything would become clear and concise A pat...
For You, My Love
a year ago
Because of you, I was able to piece myself together from the shambles Because of you, I started to learn what my worth was in this world Because of you, I’ve learned that love is not some fairytale st...