Belle Denka

A girl with too much to say but too stubborn not to say it.

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S.L Gray: and the Things That Couldn't Be Written About
a year ago
S.L Gray is a poet and author. Her book is on Amazon at Skin, Bones, and Too Much Love. Her honesty in her answers is something to be admired in an artist and in a human being. I asked her to let me i...
Love Letters To Olympia and A Story With Romantic Poetics
a year ago
When I first came across the Instagram poet Love Letters To Olympia, I was attracted to it by the rawness of her work. It was nice to have something you can completely relate to even if I couldn't rel...
Nickbluecharms and His Poetics
a year ago
Instagram is a social media platform that is growing rapidly and has became a great revenue for artists and entrepreneurs. In this series, I will write articles on these people. The first person in th...
How To Write a Poem
2 years ago
First you stare at some furniture as you let yourself feel every ounce of everything from a stubbed toe to the truth. Crying in the shower is also acceptable way of meditating on these things. When yo...