Beatrice Peter

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Filling My Veins
7 months ago
We burn inside for our sins And crave the flame on our skin, With scars on our wrists We never learn to heal. It’s getting harder to breathe, Inside my chest the heart is cold, And I will never know, ...
9 months ago
The tired eyes, and broken lips, They kiss your face in the moonlight mist. The fingers search for a touch To calm the crave within. And the thoughts.. Oh, my love, they are suffocating me. Trying to ...
Sins, Power, Anger
a year ago
We start from scratch with nothing to hold onto, We crawl and pull and beg, For something we worked so hard to get. And we feel it, for a split second, How the weight of the world has been lifted. But...
The World You Have Been Living In
a year ago
And you are walking through life With half shut eyes Missing moments worth stopping the time. With numbness tingling your fingers, Your heart is still beating hard. With pain flowing through your vein...
Bound to Happen
a year ago
It is bound to happen, To fail and hit rock bottom, Because we are human, And we can’t choose to undo it. We feel it ‘til our bones hurt, And we crave it ‘til our soul learns to love, To love the pain...
The Hatred
a year ago
Been a liar, been a thief, And hid everything I was supposed to be. But no more, No more of taking the blame, No more cutting into the old wounds. I kneel in front of You With my palms on my knees, An...