B Day

a year ago
You are anxiety. When you were little, they called it being a Worry wart. They rolled their eyes when you cried because your mom was late coming home, Or when you wouldn’t let your dog off the leash. ...
a year ago
Art is art, man. A beautiful bullshit That makes us feel Like we are something More than Smoked cigarettes in laundromats Or holes in clothes we refuse to get rid of. Art is art, man. A medium that ma...
I Am Going to Be Okay Again
a year ago
With you, I saw things like Oversized tee shirts and an apartment together And your roommate telling us we were too loud in bed I saw things like adventures and sunsets and reckless kisses in your bac...
a year ago
"I am a mess” I say, more sure of it than before I was 22 And less sure of why. “I am a mess” I say, unapologetically, not seeking councel It’s a matter of fact. “I am a mess I say, replaying Joni Mit...
a year ago
I honestly couldn’t tell you When I decided I could only love The boys who looked at me like an adventure, The boys who followed me through the air- Good for nothing and forgetful, Arrogant and lost. ...