B. Anonymous

The One
a year ago
There was supposed to be one. The one. So I began to look for ones. There was one. But it was too good to be true. There was one. But they left for another. There was one. But I had to leave. There wa...
On the Fridge
a year ago
There is just one magnet. There is Purple. There is Blue. There is Yellow. There are Lines. The sky is purple. The monsters are blue. The grass is yellow. The sky is purple. The monsters are green. Th...
Soy Lattes
a year ago
Someone once told me: If you don’t like the way we treat animals become a vegan. Other people do it. And I thought: I could. I could go to the grocery store and buy vegan food. I could work extra hour...
Ignorance is Bliss
a year ago
Grow. Under the light of the sky. By the words that never die. By the lullabies that play inside your head. Grow. By the light of the moon. By the wave monsoon. Wash away those sorrows with dreams. Gr...