Avna R

What's your story?..

(B)uck You
2 months ago
It's hard to enter a locked drawer of thoughts, Buried under a pile of suppressed emotions, tears and A white lie, the key is not far but unreachable The key is traceable but unwanted. Opening the por...
2 months ago
Ahh... Will you read the following without any preconceived ideas of previous writings? Can you enter this page with a free unbiased un-stereotyped mind? No. The silent thought process before the decl...
What's on your Mind?
a year ago
Once desired, now the body wallows into this velvety throw A ballet dancer would go from pirouette to penché without any executive command The surroundings elevate their depths exponentially; does cli...
The Script of a Relationship
2 years ago
We meet, become friends,..then digital friends. Correlative ignorance ensues,..hours turn into days A ping opens a can of worms and words,...light banter to cheeky flaunts Time goes by.. Greetings bec...
Distortions of Normalcy
2 years ago
We talk to ourselves more than we talk to each other We seek part of ourselves from someone else's remains We hide most of our being, misrepresent it to each other We expect relentlessly but never voc...