Aubrey Boucher

I am a 20-year-old girl from Connecticut who's always had a passion for writing poetry and short stories. 

Nocturnal Invigoration
2 years ago
I am waiting Waiting on the day's end Others close their eyes but I come alive I wait through the ban of milky blue that breaks open the sky where the diamonds lay The oppressing air subsides and the ...
2 years ago
My head has a heart beat I hear it pulsing in my ears like the tempo of a base drum The pain pulls at my eyes like two elephants sitting on the optic nerves ready to slip them back into my head Glimps...
2 years ago
I am whole but not put together I am a whole entire mess of scattered pieces unnumbered with peculiar edges not knowing where they fit A puzzle with missing pieces A broken glass gathered in a dust pa...
The Moon
2 years ago
I once loved someone that made it feel like the universe aligned our paths and they were the sun. Their fire raged and ravaged me and I, too, lit the sky but in time, it withered. It dimmed and it fli...