Ashley T.

If I were a painter, linguistics would be my palette, and poetry my favourite brush. If I were an artist, nature would be my muse, and music my companion, and I shall endeavour to depict life as I see it.

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An Infinite Mile
20 days ago
Words I have sung to be taken aback be staggered by a shot of Kodak But treading in midst of an echoing track Was always meant for my cul-de-sac Before the truth I would humbly kneel Hold my anguish a...
Beautiful People
5 months ago
We quietly departed from twilight gazing at the stars overshooting the sky with ease with space but unalike it was all recast with daylight And it dawned on me, quite right that I was latching onto th...
But I Am a Traveller
6 months ago
Rivers have known to make headways for the adamant essence of weight Though hindrance habitually betrays nought can cease the notion of change One may query a sailor with the laws of winds to obey how...
Me Too
10 months ago
There was a time I felt a fool For colloquy was never my tool Was it really more than my due Or was it perhaps always a rue Time has brought me a friend in tune Who goes by the name of solitude And th...
The Gap in Between
10 months ago
It is a voice in her head, all day posing the questions that replay Not why, but what makes it stay if only one knew what to say What is the longest distance of them all, the being that recommences to...
Check Me in with Dr. Freud
10 months ago
Notwithstanding the morning sky crystal clear and ever so bright Was it the sound of a million sighs in that despairing grey matter of mine Riddles, mischiefs, tales, and lies Ironies are soaring high...