Ashley Ramos

Young writer, I post new Vocals when the inspiration comes so keep an eye out!❤️

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A Poem to the Lover I Never Had
4 months ago
One of the best things in life is not simply a thing They are inviting and welcoming just like the first blooming flower after a long gloomy winter They are those who make us feel warm, like on a soft...
a year ago
My heavy heart, with every heaving breath All it needs; a break... Ouch—it all hurts so much! My heavy heart can not withstand the suffering you’re putting me through! I know you feel it too, the pain...
The Strength in Me
a year ago
Indeed, I am much stronger, than you think I have fought through many things the average human never thinks about I don't have the scars to prove it But my words speak volumes in which you've never he...
My Love
a year ago
My love, I grew to love you, to give you the deepest parts of my being I felt content with you, with just talking to you or being near you, I was content in your atmosphere My love, we had grown close...