Ashley Mock

I love to write and sit in coffee shops 

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5 months ago
my mom used to say that people never change and i never believed it. i always saw the good in people who weren’t good. when the not good people continued to show me their true colours i knew she was r...
6 months ago
home is not the place I end up at the end of the day to sleep. home is in your care, driving listening to music while you hold my hand. home is on the couch, but with you holding me ever so tight, and...
An Ocean
7 months ago
your eyes remind me too much of the storm of a boy I used to love. and not because I still love him, but because his waves dismantled and destroyed the ship that was me. you ask me why I'm scared and ...
7 months ago
anxiety is a ghost but the haunting is constant, unexpected. like when you feel at peace and suddenly everything goes cold. almost as though your heart should stop but instead your heart is racing unc...
7 months ago
the cold air bites at your skin, even though the tears are hot and heavy on your cheeks. you know this feeling like the back of your hand. like riding a bike, its too familiar even after not riding it...
Radio Silence
7 months ago
We've been running in opposite directions for 8 months. Parallel universe versions of us are ashamed at the distance we make on either side of the same city. You know that feeling where you believe I ...