Arkita Hammond

I've always loved writing. It allows me to express my inner thoughts. I used to be afraid to let people read my writings because I didn't want to be criticized on something so personal. I'm more open now. Welcome to my Mind!!

To You (Fantasy Man)
2 years ago
I know it's not Love, But it's a whole lot of liking. The little things about you Are the things that strike me. Your face is too sexy Even with your eyes closed. Your smile illuminates my insides; Th...
What Do You Do?
2 years ago
What do you do When you are confused? Do you turn on the stereo and play the blues? Do you cop a bag and blaze a jay? Do you pop a bottle and just parlay? Those are some things people choose to do the...
Past, Present, & Future
2 years ago
Rejoice in life Rejoice in death Rejoice with the people whom you have left. Love all near and far Keep a special place for them in your heart. Once they are gone There is no bringing back. Prayerfull...