Annaah Malik

I have always come across as a creative person whether it was drawing, singing or writing. However, I always kept my work to myself until I finished highschool and realized that I want people to finally be part of it and enjoy my work. 

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Moved On
9 months ago
You say that I don’t understand where you’re coming from, what you’ve been through or how you felt, but I don’t remember a single moment when I wasn’t with you standing by your side and taking all you...
United as One
9 months ago
The nights started to become darker, as the days became brighter and meeting you started to make me stronger, as for my love grew wider. I feel like my heart starts to pump more blood into my veins as...
Candy Man - Dean Corll
9 months ago
I remember how much I loved to work at the candy shop, I had a sweet-tooth. Not just for candies but for the temptations that drove me crazy. My mother taught me to be a good boy, well-mannered and ho...
Time is Running
9 months ago
Time is running and my heart is pounding. I’ve got so many options and people with opinions. So many directions but with different destinations. Confused with whats right and whats wrong for me. All o...