Anna Palmer

I love animals, sometimes more than myself, I battle Anxiety every day, and I love writing. I like to think I have an old soul and can get along with just about anyone.

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A New Start
2 years ago
A new life? Could it be true? Could I start something new? Could I be who I desire? Can I cleanse myself through fire? I see a path, it's not as dark, I no longer have a mark, Can I walk on solid grou...
Leaving The Cage
2 years ago
The sun rises and things become clear, All the worry all the fear, I've found my path and I move toward my goal, I am finally taking back the world they stole, I'm free for I have finally discovered h...
Writers Block
2 years ago
For one split second, it's like everything's right there, and I can see everything just the way it is. But then it's like waking up from a dream and everything slips away, and the memory's come back. ...
No More Death
2 years ago
You cry for me, you say you'd die for me, I wont let it happen anymore. You have a sadness in your eyes, You say you aren't a prize, Yet I say you're that and more. You don't see what I see, You don't...
I Shall Rescue Thee
2 years ago
Come away with me, and be mine, And I shall show you the wonders of my world We have all this life forever a time, Let me lift you into the sky with my wings unfurled I shall show you the sky and ocea...