Andy Rosario

Call me ""  Artist/a, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Writer, Poet/a, Spanish/English speaker, from Dominican Republic, Live/Love California. LARS student. Please Donate for a bigger cause. Follow Instagram

The Never Ending Fuel
a year ago
Here is the way, now take it Or exit at your own risk Take the closest way out Or follow the path you see. Here is the way, now take it And try to live a happy life, I’ve giving you transportation, No...
President of the Greatest Country
a year ago
Everything started with fire, Fire directors, fire chiefs, To make room for family and friends To able to reach his endless greed. President of the Greatest country, Justifying, clarifying through twe...
Living for the Mic
a year ago
Living for the mic I’m living for the mic Dying for the mic Breathing for the might Of the hopeful spotlight. Where lies my crave That lights my face Where heart and mind And life Combine. I’m craving...
Candy Now
a year ago
Candy now, play and smile, Cry, lie and deny being tired, Sleep, fight and pretend to be a man, Do all these things now that you can. A little while from now You will really be a man You will start to...
Shade Conflict
a year ago
Shade me in or out of your life if you don’t like me, I don’t mind you look at me, but you can’t see me your words can’t beat me, so they can’t kill me. I was born with two eyes That see light to sens...