Andy Maudling

I write a blog called Written Word on Wordpress - which I mainly publish poetry. I struggle/cope day to day with severe mental health issues & generally love to write and discuss.

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May Riots Come
5 days ago
Fields of amber, yellow, gold. The fields I see when feeling old. I feel the anger and feel the cold. I feel I do not what I'm told. The answers kiss my very lips; They hide beneath my finger tips. An...
9 days ago
Pack up your suitcase; It's time now to fly. If you're willing and ready, I'm ready to die. My mind has been bombed, Yet the Earth is unscathed. I forgot how to be: High, mighty and brave. Look down f...
If the Shoe Doesn't Fit...
10 days ago
Feet moving faster than my eyes dart around. We didn’t start the war but we didn’t make a sound. I lay awake at night; I toss and I turn. The paths that we take; The bridges we burn; They point us one...