Andrew Wilson

A Lincolnian, I am now living in London.If you would like your ancestors tracing, for a good price, please contact me. I have much experience of genealogy.

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Sonnets 12
2 days ago
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Sonnets 11 and Other Poems
8 days ago
Workplace I arrived at Clapham one September, At the place where I'd work twenty years. There are so many things I remember, Happy times interspersed with pain and fears. Mary was my boss. From County...
Sonnets and Other Poems
10 days ago
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Sonnets 9
14 days ago
JJL I adore you from afar, Jennifer! On film you're so amazing. Hollywood's Queen of troubled persons, it's you I prefer. You know psychology's dark neighborhoods. "Ma, I had a fucking nervous breakdo...
Sonnets 8
18 days ago
Bookish Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga Is breathtakingly fine, more humorous, More real than other SF, with darker Scenes which don't at all seem incongruous. Argaven's palace Ursula le Guin Evokes so ...
Sonnets 7
22 days ago
Cromwell In 1966 a bungalow Was built for Eveline and my grandfather, He'd farmed his whole life, knowing when to sow And when to reap. Vegetables rather Caught his fancy now. He had a small plot, Whi...