Andrew Wilson

A Lincolnian, I am now living in London.If you would like your ancestors tracing, for a good price, please contact me. I have much experience of genealogy.

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Sonnets 2
18 days ago
The first relates to myself, unwell at times in 2015 and 2016. Sonnet for Andrew One March I had a breakdown, Dr Hughes Diagnosing psychotic depression. This I can believe. Then comes the bad news. I ...
a month ago
Here are five more sonnets which I have composed in the past two weeks. The first is entitled Joy: Thelma Houston's Sunday morn afterglow, Or Beth Orton's sweetest decline : Just two Post-euphoric sta...
2 months ago
I will say a few words before each poem, in explanation. The first one concerns the land known as The Westwood, near the Yorkshire town of Beverley. High on The Westwood Land of the pasturemasters, as...
My Poems
4 months ago
I have never written any poetry before this month, and I know some of the references I make will be obscure, but ignore that, please! You will surely follow the general drift of the poems. Although I ...