Andrea Wold Johansen

Andrea, 21, writer and eternal optimist from time to time. I'm currently based in Winchester, where I spend my days trying to teach myself not to have sugar in my coffee and finish a BA in Creative Writing. Gets by on cake and blankets.

a year ago
I never fell in love with yellow, until you showed up in that raincoat that drowned out the sunflowers, and I’ll never understand how you can outshine the daisies, without even trying. You turn these ...
Part of the Architecture
a year ago
The sound of an organ woken from slumber trickles out into the cold October night. “Come on in, hear my tales,” it whispers, as the streetlights catch on the Poor men’s Bible, and the pitter patter of...
I'm Building a Home
a year ago
I'm building a home on Tuesday’s laundry and broken light bulbs. I’ve spent so long balancing on top of the pile of return to sender-confidence that I toppled over and hit my head, but I’ll clean the ...
Rations and Aeroplanes
a year ago
Her mother threw birthday parties on rationing cards, dressed three children in the living room curtains, and sent them to bed with a kiss on the forehead. Her father only lived in the stories, the ca...