Andrea Jardine

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Finally finding my courage to share my voice

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16 days ago
Failure is the most beautiful gift To receive But the hardest To accept We’re taught to fear it To hide desperately For it will attack And weaken you As if it’s a ravenous beast Stalking you from the ...
The Wall
18 days ago
I eat and eat and eat Easily forcing It down My throat Blindly Tasting the Sweetness Of despair Chunks of salty Melancholy And creamy Hatred I lick my cracked lips With my deadened tongue And savour t...
Her Dark Night
20 days ago
Her descent into darkness Was slow and fast Building up steadily From childhood She hid pieces within herself Buried so deep She forgot they were there But they burrowed And festered And took over her...
21 days ago
To get to the light She must go through the dark The darkest dark Where the pain is constant And horrifying and heavy And before she can emerge She must go to the very depths Of her soul And disintegr...