Amber Lynn Hunter

A person attempting to sort her life out by typing relentlessly on a computer. Mostly poetry, though I may type something else one day.

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Superior Drowning Skills
4 months ago
In my youth, in my eyes I believed there was something more The fire's dimming now, dark eyes Hold nothing inside but scorn Times are gone to dream again All I wanted has fallen away I'm back down on ...
4 months ago
You are not us. You are them. You have abandoned us You have succumbed to their ways You are a traitor A murderer You have turned your back on us You have gone against our ways You love the wrong soun...
All My Demons
9 months ago
All my demons rise with the moon Leading me down the road to my doom Blinding me so I can't see a thing Tying me down and clipping my wings I stumble blindly into the night Daylight seems to banish th...
a year ago
I miss the way you smiled So bright, so kind, so full of life A star that can give the jaded hope I miss it, the shine of your hair The way the sunlight danced upon raven locks To bring out the copper...
The Things You Told Me
a year ago
Sticks and stones may break my bones But you spit caustic hostility Disguised as words of kindness Secret poison that sinks into me Pushes me down into the ground Kicked around until I scrape my knees...