Amber Crocker

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7 days ago
I don't think you understand. I am not here for the attention, or for any of the other absurd reasons you have come up with, I am here for myself and myself only. you need to realize the world does no...
9 days ago
I gave up caring about things a very long time ago. not sure why that is so, maybe it's due to all the stuff that's happened over the years. I can't feel like a normal person anymore. I'm so jaded and...
9 days ago
I was so hurt by everything that has happened. I was so caught up in all of my own pain that I didn't even see that you were in pain, too. I am so sorry about that I wish that I could turn back time, ...
9 days ago
Goddamn, man, didn't realize you were so petty. I could see from a distance that you would always cause trouble. why are you still around here? you've been told to leave and you haven't left. you have...
14 days ago
I always thought that all the trauma that has happened to me was somehow my own fault. like when my dad was doing drugs or the times he tried to kill himself; and when he fell off a balcony (which cau...
14 days ago
I know nobody is waiting for me at the end of this journey. I've been alone since the start. I died inside a long time ago. something has been missing there and that missing thing is you. you forgot a...