Amber Crocker

Instagram: midnightblackheart

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7 hours ago
I have fallen into Depression, hate, and anger. So I rise and fall again, This time into Feeling nothing, and feeling everything. I want to die, I feel The innate need to: I stray away from the action...
6 months ago
I feel something's missing deep inside me A dark deep seated fantasy It cries out when I'm alone It cries out when I least expect it. So tell me when everything's a mess That I'm going to be okay. Tel...
6 months ago
The stars haven't aligned for you why haven't they aligned? how do you keep doing this to people, to yourself? you've become broken and uncaring yet believe you are fine! you refuse to believe you nee...
6 months ago
do you understand? everything - everything here is falling apart. it doesn't matter to you. everything is all about you and everyone else gets left behind. how is that fair? you know its not fair and ...
6 months ago
I am fighting for my life while I'm losing my mind. I need to find that one thing that's going on to get me out of this mess. everywhere I'm going I'm unknowingly bringing something that's going to ki...
6 months ago
you are gone it will never be the same. you came during a good year and left when everything was falling apart. I sit here, I need to blame you I want to blame you, I stop myself from doing just so. I...