amanda e

young adult. vegan. minimalist. political. reader. filmmaker. and many more. 

a year ago
"i'm not looking for a relationship!" "you're just a friend to me!" "i used to like you too, you know!" stop it! cut the sympathy! you look at me with your sad, sad eyes like i'm some animal filled wi...
a year ago
one two three four I count the boys in my head boys I'll love forevermore one two three four all these boys want me dead they will love me nevermore from out my mouth the feelings pour all these feeli...
a year ago
you you you you you cruel disgusting vile person you were the prize rose in my garden i nursed you to grow strong to love yourself the way i loved you me me me me my desperate needy hopeless soul i wa...
What I Am
a year ago
i hate you. i was your sponge. you filled me with your negativity and hatred. and i accepted it. it was the only piece of you i had. i love you. i was your diary. you filled me with your dreams and as...
Obnoxious Liberals
a year ago
Obnoxious Liberal! With your poster and paint! Your face stained red with anger. The farmer you stand for has a red face too, he's been in the sun for weeks. And the prisoner you love has a mouth stai...