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Horror Stories
5 months ago
Horror Stories Many just like this This one's about a boy He opened his body Exposed his secrets Then he was destroyed Soul is screaming Body defeated Who will help you now Just be manly Act so carefr...
Social Justice Poem
5 months ago
Justices Injustice Heat from the gun still burns his skull Work together they say It might be fun but it seems more problems arise We're all the same people But we are all different people Different b...
Like a Computer
9 months ago
Currently i'm having a mental crash as if i'm a computer I don't know much about technology but we have our similarities We take up to much space and do as were told We put on our best face but on the...
9 months ago
Happiness is happiness what's happiness without happiness I repent smile through the pain tho Hope despair virtue vice a hug forever would be nice eventually it stops My sins sing in a higher octave T...
'Toy Boat' Analysis
a year ago
Link to original poem/recording: "Toy Boat" For Tamir Rice yellow plastic black sea eye-shaped shard on a darkened map no shores now to arrive — or depart no wind but this waiting which moves you as i...
Darker Than I Expected
a year ago
A Short Collection of Poems