Alsandra Calderon

I am a writer, musician, and artist trying to share my personal creations across a wide range of media and genre. My mission is for my works to be as multifaceted as possible, to create a "something for everyone" feel.

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Wheel of Fortune
2 months ago
I am the victim, I am the criminal Rarely portrayed as eager to find an uncorrupted mind To shield from internal conflicts resurrected; external conflicts manifested Rightfully so, carrying damaged pr...
The Beauty Unseen
3 months ago
Fowardly following the subconscious mind From the inner workings of the gears that grind Presented back with a paper and pen Presented craft of a woman Telling a past of untethered sin Beyond somethin...
3 months ago
Spending several days in dead ends, the mind bends in odd spaces and unfamiliar places. As real and resilient as the adaptation she faces. As key as legends on the maps that were made to find a way so...