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Poetry Forms
5 days ago
Have you been struggling with ideas on what form of poetry to write? Let me help you! Here's 10 different forms of poetry that you can use to write with, along with examples I've linked for you...
The Dousing
2 months ago
We are saturated in our consolation of a rotary picture which continuously retells itself . . . Are we drifting forward or is the illusion merely reoccurrences of our ancestors? Clouted in coldness, d...
If Flowers Could Bloom
2 months ago
Father, does the word selfishness suffice for the ego you harbor, all in effort to blame my mother, who has stripped the bones on her back to replenish her children who have cried to the walls at nigh...
2 months ago
Obsession belonging in my fingertips Obsession choking in my lungs; the air is filthy take short breaths, (why can't the air be cleaned?) Obsession catipulting to the front of my mind - dancing in my ...
Basket of Gold
3 months ago
I find courage, In the iris-like wilting of my fingertips... In the way my breath sways warm like the lake's breeze In a sweetened youth’s hair... In the irregular wallop of my heart, dawdling, yet re...
3 months ago
It fires in the vacancy of my stomach, beginning like an unexpected blow . . . then creeping like an illness to sit on my chest – prickling at my shoulders. It prowls upwards and downwards, leaving a ...