Alina Luke

"Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened." ~Ludwig Jacobowski~

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The Blossoming Flower
6 months ago
There once was a flower that was withering. The petals started to come off one by one, floating down onto the ripples of the river, slowly, but surely, treading along faster and faster. With the speed...
A Broken Shard of Glass
7 months ago
Drifting away and away, father and farther until the ends meet, the shard of glass carries over into the next life, floating endlessly until nothing is shimmering. Broken, shattered, and torn apart gr...
Love with No Boundaries
7 months ago
Some have asked what true love is and have not been able to grasp or even comprehend the true meaning behind love. Is love the same as sitting with your beloved in a cove? Is love meant for those who ...
An Endless World
7 months ago
As I keep on pondering and pondering about in the snow, I wonder when it will end and whether or not time will just stop. How lovely it would be if time just stopped in the moment that the winter wond...