Alicia Ross

Dancer, writer, human

Instagram: aliciaross_

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7 months ago
True art does not live in the end product It resides in the creation The journey The path that leads to the product. Art is a pulsing heartbeat A flow of energy A living being And a way of living. It ...
The Moon
8 months ago
The moon spoke to me tonight, with a soft, sensitive voice. She told me not, that it would all be okay, but that I, myself, held the choice. She said that within my hands, lay both a rose and a blade....
Insecurity Is
8 months ago
being trapped in a room whose walls are mirrors, constantly looking at you but not really seeing you. being surrounded in a crowd whose countless eyes are constantly looking at you, but they never act...
Colors of Life
8 months ago
I want to feel the sun’s yellow and the ocean’s blue. I want to smell the perfume’s pink and the candle’s hue. I want to hear the piano’s white and the cello’s brown. I want to wear the gray sky and t...
8 months ago
Who am I To the person I’ve never met? Am I Pretty and friendly Or closed and coy, Am I Someone to desire Or someone to avoid? Who am I To the person I’ve never met I am an empty canvas A blank page A...