Alexia Villanueva

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It's Not Always My Sickness
3 months ago
In my own world... My cave is dark, the lights don't work, my room a mess and the faucet runs cold on my bare skin. The stove's flame entices me as my reflection burns brightly, my knifes are no longe...
This Drugged Generation
4 months ago
Wipe your feet before you enter my mind, no limits, no statuses. There's villains, heroine, kush, acid in our systems running through us like radiation. The cope of our reality has been running wicked...
4 months ago
My medicine calls Me home to bed from A place I don’t belong. A fairytale of sorts We’re the birds peck At my unbalanced brain, The scarecrows use wrench’s And screwdrivers to pull Out the flowers fro...
Black Cats & Bonfires
5 months ago
The black cats have stolen a piece of my soul every daybreak as the sun sets As the moon becomes my midnight snack I can feel The bonfires have grown hotter, the moon wider and the crowd has gotten bi...
The Little Ghost
5 months ago
She cowered beneath the midnight sun, beneath the waves of Halloween She opened my body and peeled me like orange, drank my blood like sweet wine and drank me dry My body became her capsule, and my gh...
Stay Creepy
5 months ago
They say I am Uncharacteristically psychotic My brain is the very graveyard that ghosts haunt and goblins mark. Were blood becomes my rivers and lakes as I taste the galaxies in the crevices of my gum...