Aeryka Frausto

A 19 year old girl with a passion to inspire others. Based in San Antonio. Since '98.

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6 months ago
How could you Make me wonder what it is like to fly? Help me understand the reasons why. Tell me as I sit here and cry While you are out having a good time. You said you would support me, but that was...
Forever Ago
a year ago
It seems like forever ago When the trees danced with the wind And the waves crashed with each other, The same way we did. We weren't meant to be together now But forever ago, we were. The rain floods ...
In My Words
2 years ago
Some days there is no trying. I am limp, emotionless. I am the dead rose in a field of sunflowers. The bees are humming over them. Why over them? I often feel as if I'm not enough. I have no focus. My...
2 years ago
Some mornings are harder than others. You wake up and look at yourself in the mirror. You wonder where you went wrong, why you're not enough. You think about the mistakes you made and opportunities yo...
2 years ago
Flying Free