Abysola Hajaroh

just a wayfarer hopping to catch some butterflies, on some rainy days and a ray of sunshine.

Mental Faculty
3 months ago
Who are we before we were clandestinely robbed in an attire of self depreciation Shunned and shamed to worship others unconscious and consciousness Who are we before we took to expecting too much of o...
3 months ago
Slam there goes the door the troubles is shut away and the break held in so insecurely Hoping not to let the tear drop Shelter Shelter Shelter they all seek Each going at being the other bird Let me f...
Surfing the Boat of Love
4 months ago
are you thinking if I know the way to the shore why not take the boat and surf the wave but only if you'd know that the path to the shore is so thorny and on my way I've bleed my heart out I'd make a ...
4 months ago
As the passage of time leaves it’s imprint on every event benighted the law and order of what societal standard quotes fearing knowing who i am and as this life is been nibbled away and in it precario...
4 months ago
once a time when the coal tar burned the sole of my feet and the agonising pain reached the string of my heart searing my flesh leaving it a soot for the artist burning the ornamental biddings of the ...
4 months ago
I see the glamour of the moon masked by the beauty, gloriousness and innocence of the day. I see the invitation of fanfare as the rainbow stripes across the heavens Oh I notice when the cloud gathers ...