Abigail Rose

Writing helps me heal. 

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Excuse Me
2 months ago
Excuse me if I’m not quick to trust All I’ve been dealing with is lust When all I want is a little love But I guess that’s too much to ask for Cause everyone’s just tryin' to settle the score Shit I d...
Dear God
3 months ago
Dear god It’s me again You see I’ve come to Repent My heart was dark and my mind bleak I lost faith when I was 15 And I’m so sorry for that My life was just on a loop Always leaving me stuck in the sa...
Losing You
4 months ago
I’m mad at the world But you probably won’t understand I’m faced with the fact that I might lose my dad Even though we aren’t related He came into my life and helped make this house a home Helped make...
All I Wanted
5 months ago
All I wanted was a little bit of honesty You had me believing that you were speaking the truth to me I guess you just lied while you laid on her and then lied to me You kept telling me how beautiful I...
What You Should Know
7 months ago
Before you try being with me, or loving me, I need you to understand these things. I've had hands lain on me, when all I wanted was for them to caress me gently. I've given my everything to someone wh...
9 months ago
Do you remember the first time you fell in love? How all consuming it was? Do you recall the first time they said your name? The way only their voice could tame? Do remember the first time another's l...