Abigail Rose

I'm 19 years old, and currently residing in Ogden,Utah. I love to write, and it's one of the purest forms of expression to me. All of these poems/stories are about things that have/will happen to me, and it's how I heal. 

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What You Should Know
a month ago
Before you try being with me, or loving me, I need you to understand these things. I've had hands lain on me, when all I wanted was for them to caress me gently. I've given my everything to someone wh...
4 months ago
Do you remember the first time you fell in love? How all consuming it was? Do you recall the first time they said your name? The way only their voice could tame? Do remember the first time another's l...
4 months ago
Focus on the memories, the ones filled with joyous things. Focus on the way it all felt, focus on the memory, the memory of your mothers heartbeat; the strong rhythmic thud against your ear. Focus on ...
Untitled 1
5 months ago
My heart is tattered and torn, and you told me that you couldn't be around me anymore. So I submerged myself into the words, because it was my way of escaping your memory, of escaping the way you made...
5 months ago
I will never understand how you could choose your spouse over your own flesh and blood. She is your daughter and somehow it feels as if that never mattered to you. The moment you sympathized with our ...
You'll Know Me
10 months ago
You'll find me by the water, in the trees, surrounded by the wildness. You'll find me in the sunsets, smiles, love, the sun, and that which surrounds you. You'll see me out in the great unknown, explo...