Abbey Sutton

Hi! Welcome to my wandering thoughts. I am a musician, poet, artist, and writer, as well as a college student who works full time. Even busy as a bee in spring time, I still love to sit down with a hot coffee and write. I hope you enjoy!

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Sighs of Earth
7 months ago
Breathing deeply I listen, smiling as the breeze caresses my face. The wind makes my lungs seem cavernous as the sighs of the earth echo inside. Traversing my soul's corridors, the wind whips away the...
A Teary Sound
10 months ago
A tear, Caught in the edge of my eye, Makes my chest empty suddenly. Who knows why one happens with another, But they do... I hear, Soft away in a further curve of sky, The mournful marking of a memor...
A Mournful Commune with the Trees
10 months ago
The damp leaves shuffled softly beneath my feet. Their hushed announcement heard by only I and the gossiping trees. The trees wondered, chattering away as if I couldn’t hear them. why I was there? Why...
Alabaster's Star
a year ago
Her stirring ever breaking like the dawn. Smiles Sweetly on the whispers of the night. It shines so fondly on his true love's fawn, Her alabaster glow kisses birds' flight. His heart is burst with son...
Why the Brits Love Tea
a year ago
I understand now why the Brits love tea. It came as a dear, curious epiphany. Sitting at a table, dried up tears in my eye, With a little steaming mug in my hands. It isn't because it has great healin...
I Knew I'd Live Forever
a year ago
The Ponder of a Monday Afternoon