Aaliyah Baez

Just a woman who walked through a fire, and came out stronger than ever!

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Mr. Casanova
9 months ago
You used my body like a toilet, leaving me feeling like crap. Luring me in with warm words, but it was a trap. Craving attention and affection. I was too blind to see. Stupid enough to think you actua...
Time of Month
9 months ago
Mary was jinxed with Tom when she turned eleven. Her mother said “Now you are a woman.” Mary is the happiest person in the world. But, when Tom arrives she can be a deadly girl. Within a few days her ...
To Love or Not to Love
9 months ago
To love or not to love—that is the question: Whether ‘tis easy to express your feelings And to give your heart away. Or to suffer from loneliness And, by shielding, your heart from pain. To Adore, to ...
Inside Me
9 months ago
I want you inside me..... I want you to feel everything. I want you to feel the burning in my veins I want you to feel the stabbing in my back. I want you to feel the bleeding of my heart. I want you ...
Caged Heart
9 months ago
My chest is sore from my raging heart trying to break free. Banging against the rib cage that protects her. She's been used, beaten and broken numerous times. She lost so many loved ones and loved the...