A.C. Zempleni

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The Enemy
9 months ago
Swimming in a sea of compromise Drowning in the mouths of his lies Pieces of him falling to the wayside Disappearing in the sands of time Until there is nothing left to recognize He is lost, but he ca...
9 months ago
As I slip and slide, I disappear further inside. Falling deeper and deeper Into the hole that is my mind I hear the voices telling lies Of impending danger until I become paralyzed I am a passive pass...
a year ago
Acid rain Polluted purgatory. Paperback memories the world is not the same. Innocent eyes, circles and scars no visions or dreams. All is shattered by adulthood lies. What we have learned has been tau...
Victims of Love
a year ago
You say you won't forget With time I know you will. So please no promises in the dark Just leave your kiss upon my heart Miles and time, it will tear us apart. It's a shame we could not finish what we...
Lonely As I Am
a year ago
It is this tragedy that binds me. All of these things that remind me Of a wasted youth of dreams. A life so bitter sweet, It makes me want to scream. My happiness is not what it seems. I buried long a...
The Instigation
a year ago
It is the instigation Of the masses into classes In order to segregate and create hate among the races By all of the media's pretty painted talking faces. It is their intent to draw our attention away...