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At First Sight


I remember the first time we met.

You were drunk on steps of a party.

The only thing I could think about who is this handsome guy on steps.

The second time we met.

I wonder should I talk to you since he was my best friend's brother.

The next several encounters I realize he was a really good friend and father.

I love and adore his kids

I like going to church with him and his family.

I can share anything with him.

We don't judge each other on our past.

The moment was special when I finally told you how I feel.

We went on our first date, I was so nervous that I came drunk.

The next thing I knew we had a passionate night.

Time passed when I reconnect with you slowly over messages. 

My feelings never changed for you.

When we had another passion night you inspire me, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I just want you to know you're perfect.

I can accept you for who you are.

There's nothing I would change about you.

Because obviously it's not lust but something more at first sight.

I rather let time show it.

I've just been patiently waiting for you.

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At First Sight
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