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Poetry for the Stars


It’s a terrible thing to be abandoned by the stars.

Left mercilessly under blankets of dark sky

But there you were, unveiling them one by one

Begging with eager fingertips to trace constellations on skin


It was colder and we huddled closer,

This time, comfortable with the rise and fall of lungs.

Still then perched beyond us spilling twisting torments and

Gentle regrets.

You gripped my hand with stars in your eyes.


I was reminded of snow and balconies as we lay

Fused in one another

My tainted heart grew heavy as star studded velvet suffocated me


Then all at once.

Your always too present ribs fell under me as I

Was lost

Into unending depths

Of you.


Sand and stars always seemed to complement one another’s


You wrestled with waves

And I rose

To nonsense withering in dead gardens lost lovers had nurtured under starless skies.

The city skyline always seemed dim pressed against a sheet of stars.

You were love and I was

Wading quietly.


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