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Ash Roses

The Epic of Flesh and Blood

Fires of old rage into the horizon; the old has finally died. An era has finally ended.

The streets smell of smoke and blood; it's what perhaps has blinded us so harshly; the smoke that lay carefully hidden for some time, finally chose to reveal itself as the thick smog in which it were.

All the while, everything in its path became consumed by the merciless tongue of fire, yet as all things of prominence seem to wither;

we are forced to behold the raw fruits of human passion, to only reignite a flame that had been dormant for far too long.

thus is the day of the resurgence of the human spirit; the further growth of the human mind, the further expanse of the human heart,

as the pains of passion become revitalized with such vigor and intensity, the old and once comfortable drastically become awkward and outdated. Routine becomes boring, trivial conversations prove to be unbearable, and everything that was once known becomes suddenly unknowable.

Alas, allow the flames of eternity to guide and nurture your palette so that in time you shall bloom.

Wyld Tha Bard
Wyld Tha Bard

Spoken word  performing artist from Virginia but currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. Feel free to follow my IG @wyldthabard for more updated creative content. Luv and Peace ☮️💚🏳️‍🌈🌸

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Ash Roses
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