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As Dusk Turns To Dawn

A Poem About Romance

As dusk turned to dawn,

Music resonated

Quietly in the air,

Birds chirped outside,

Rhythm all around.

Lying side by side,

Fingers laced between

Tangled auburn hair.

Passion roared like fire;

The song of a lion.

Her eyes delicate,

Impeccable, in every way.

Staring endlessly;

Getting lost

With each blink.

Her face flawless,

Specked with freckles,

That she said

She’s ashamed of,

I kissed them all away.

Engulfed by her perfume;

The scent I grew accustomed to,

One lucky breath,

I snap back beside her,

Inhaling all of her wonder.

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As Dusk Turns To Dawn
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