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Art Isn't Real

Nothing Really Matters, Anyone Can See

Photo by GoaShape on Unsplash

Art isn't real

The pain was never poetic

It merely hurt

The empty phrases 

with the Christian overtones

printed on pillows and hung on walls

They are called motivational

but they change nothing at all

Art isn't real

The blood was never beautiful

It was merely red

The world we love

will soon fade away

As will everything I have written or said

Art isn't real

Its all in our heads

Dreaming we don't care

Afraid that we did

So we take our beautiful words

all our souls, hearts and blues

and start to paint the world

Leandra Hays
Leandra Hays

Leandra is a melodramatic poet and musician. She writes about anything and everything she has knowledge on, and even things she doesn't! A fan of superfluous words, philosophy, and the darkness of night.

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Art Isn't Real
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