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Ariana's Story

TW: Abuse

I am a black hole.

Fill me.

Cover the dark days, no food, no love,

With warmth and kisses and affection...

Where is it? Why can't I find it? You give me and it falls and falls and falls.

Give more! I need it! I search inside myself and I find...the nothing.

The hole.

You pour love into me until you are exhausted, until you are empty yourself...but it always refills.


How do you find it?

Where do you go?

Every night I think about you.

You tell me you love her, too. How can you love two?

It will take you away...just like it took him!

I remember him. He loved me. He fed me. He gave me my pillow. I miss my pillow. After he...after he left, she burned it. Little white feathers floated from the fire, flying free, to become birds. He showed me the birds. Out in the shed, after, he showed me the birds.

I remember him. I feel his touch, and the wet on my face...white, like the feathers...then red, like a cardinal bird. He showed me the birds.

I'm empty.

I feel, but I am empty.

Fill me?

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Ariana's Story
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