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Are You Happy Now?

A Poem

For a short while you made me feel as though

I actually meant something to someone

like I was finally good enough

it almost felt as if you genuinely cared

but when I dug a little deeper and looked a just little closer

you weren't even there

and I find it funny because you had nothing to do with me

but for me?

I would've done anything for you


who am I kidding

I did  everything for you

I cried for you 

I bled for you

I would've laid down my life just to see your smile

all because your smile meant the world to me

and I tilted my head in adoration at it

but sitting up straight

I realized that your smile wasn't a smile

but more a mischievous grin 

that was drawing me back in

and at that moment I knew I couldn't win

that it had gone too far and there was no return

as I swayed from a necklace of rope

asking you

are you happy now?

Audrey Williams
Audrey Williams

I have loved everything about writing since i was a child. This is just my way showcase my work, and emotions without showing, well, me I guess. So please enjoy my mediocre works, and feel free to criticize. Thank you.

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Are You Happy Now?
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