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Are We Okay?

Having your heart broken is hard. But watching someone fall out of love with you could possibly be the worst feeling ever.


Are we okay?

I remember what it was like meeting you.

Your eyes blue like the deepest parts of the ocean.

Your skin pale as bone.

Your hair as rich a red as a strawberry field in full bloom.

Your touch sent chills down my spine.

Your words gave me butterflies.

And you made me feel as if the world was at my feet,

That with every step I was creating my own beat.


Are we okay?

I craved every piece of you.

I craved hearing your laughter

Fill every empty space I had ever possessed.

I craved feeling your breath on my cheek

As you whispered of how you longed for me.

I craved your smooth finger tips

Tracing the curves of my body

As if you were writing our story of forever.

Our lust became love over those nine month together

In that little apartment where we first met

Starting what felt like would be forever.

You would tell me I was beautiful

And how you were so lucky to call me yours

I never really noticed

How it was always behind closed doors

We never thought twice about the age

Because it's simply just a number

I, 19

You, freshly 25

And we started this journey

We call you and I


Are we okay?

Soon after we began

We had to be apart.

Since you are in the military

And I always follow my heart.

You were in Missouri

I was in Florida.

Yet somehow we made it seem

Like we were both home in Arizona.

We kept the arguments to a minimum,

And you always made sure to call.

And somehow in all of this

We made the distance feel small.

I thought to myself,

Maybe this will work.

Little did I know

Things were about to go berserk.


Are we okay?

When we were finally both home

We adapted the label

But that didn't last long

Because you carried along baggage I knew nothing of.

Her shadow loomed over me with every action that I did

For she ruined your trust and then dropped off the grid.

She left you broken and bruised

And paranoid as hell

And I guess this is why you decided to sell,

My love for you comfort

I was willing to give.

We retracted the label

And began what this is.

I was no longer beautiful

And if I was you never said.

I was locked out in the cold

But always willing to forget.

I put other before myself.

This flaw I know is true.

But it isn't such a flaw

If it's really helping you.

Is what I thought to myself

As the distance only grew

It's been two weeks now

Since I last heard from you.


Are we okay?

I remember what it was like

The last time I saw you.

Your blue eyes I once swam in

Now pull me down as I am drowning.

Your skin pale as bone cracking like my fragile heart.

Your hair as red and bright as the anger you've created inside of me.


Your touch is a cold distant memory, I no longer hold dear

The tips of your fingers sting my skin like acid

As you burn me with every touch.

Your words make my my stomach churn

As I stumble through life trying to find my way back

To who I was before you.

I told myself I would never allow this type of pain

To creep into my soul again.

Yet here I am at 2:00 AM

At your door saying


Are we okay?

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Are We Okay?
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