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An Ode to the Displaced and Forgotten

O’ Canada,

so we’re the True, North, Strong and

Free, you say?

Well I say

there’s no truth about it,

we’re looking more south every day.

Our Home and



We aren’t some

cocky Christopher Columbus Canada,


doesn’t start when the

saints go marching in.

Snow White faces,

you know they say her lips were as red as blood;

a new shade of lipstick called

“Residential School Red,”

brought to you by Rimmel London, because you’ve decided

these kids need to

“Get the London Look.”

We keep pretending

a cultural mosaic can never be too

s h a t t e r e d

when we see the shards and

the scars ingrained

in the very land we

trespass on.

We stand on guard for thee,

but we’ve forgotten


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