Angry Tears

My tears are spent in vain.

Falling silently

My tears are spent in vain

Losing my cool

Can't convey what's in my brain

No matter what I do

My cerebrum fills with commotion

Overflowing the inside

Betraying the wrong emotion

You don't see how I feel

Never know what I'll do

Circle the globe, chase the clouds

Do it all for you

You mean so much to me

Why don't you know?

You can trust me with your life

I am your friend, not foe

You are ungrateful

You never appreciate

With everything I do for you

I definitely should hate

But why don't I hate you?

Honestly, I have no clue

In all the effort that I've made,

I'm stuck with you like glue

Millions of times

I've died for you

But I can't let go

Of the image I drew

For now I cry quietly

In all the things you put me through

Until one of us wisens up


I loved you

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Angry Tears
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