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Angry Girl

A Poem About How Writing Helps Me Cope with Emotions

I escape from reality, release from all anxiety, see what’s inside of me.

My mind is exclusive, my soul is impacting.

I’m calm like the wind, but can be a thorn in a garden.

I feel all, I feel too much, all uninvited.

I can’t ignore, the fact im bold, I’m an angry girl, can’t doubt it.

But I find my peace, in realizing energy, with writing.

I occupy my mind in the arts, I cause no harm, I feel alive, but enjoy being alone.

I find it peaceful, listening to instrumentals, my mind is calm, through all the madness, it helps me heal, i feel it happening.

Staying positive, so enlightening, aligning my spirit makes me happy.

I live my life, love myself, it’s a battle everyday, but I fight it.

I choose to do what I love, because no one can take that from me.


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Angry Girl
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